Engineering is a body of knowledge or profession that involves the economical utilization of scientific and natural resources for the benefit of humanity, through the use of skills garnered from years of studying, practicing, and experiencing sciences. An engineer aims to design solutions for an array of challenges or create a product to meet a set of specific needs or requirements.

While engineering can take several dimensions- civil, chemical, mechanical, materials, environmental, manufacturing, etc.- all engineers ply their trade in research and development, application, maintenance, and management.

Humankind has been practicing engineering for ages through the design and invention of solutions to problems towards improving our daily lives. Engineers have used their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills to create innovative products that tackle some of the world’s most significant challenges.

The engineering industry is a large and highly complex sector with lots of research and employment opportunities. To succeed in the profession as an engineer, you need training and knowledge acquisition, which comes only from learning, reading books, understanding the practice and getting exposed to tips that can guide you on the industry’s distinctiveness. And this is what Smart Group is all about.

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